Manferdini Giovanni Collection
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Nothing is stronger than the passion in pushing people to continue doing what they love over time. Fixing, solving, repairing, this was the objective that kept Mr. Giovanni awake during the nights spent in the workshop, who never left a customer in need of a breakdown. The Passion in creating, when together with an old friend he invented a creeper for the Zetor tractors that needed to move at a lower speed. Then over time remembering how much had passed through his hands and how many machines he could have wrested from time. For this reason the Passion brings him back to childhood, to remember the tractors on which he made the first interventions, with abnormal fatigue for a 10-12 year old boy. The legendary Allgaier with Porsche system and then later became Porsche tractors. How many tractors and machines repaired over time by various customers and how many come to mind in recent years. For this reason, the desire to remember where those pieces of history were, combined with the technical and agricultural evolution that led to the dismissal of many machines, meant that Mr. Giovanni brought back many of these. Some well preserved, others much less and therefore even more in need of your care. The Passion still leads him to intervene on mechanics, revising it as an expert mechanic, then moving on to the complete restoration of the bodywork, as an equally valid coachbuilder and painter and completing the masterpiece with the electrical system and every little detail.
Many masterpieces brought to light and tested by himself will remain the testimony of the evolution of agricultural mechanization over time and the dedication of a capable "messenger" who from nothing created a leading company among agricultural machinery dealerships and realized a dream made livable to all through their own private collection of jewels.
We do what we are. We are what we do.
Manferdini Giovanni Collection is History and Passion.
Those of its creator.